Fact sheet:Tabletop and field exercises
Events Field exercise (FX) preceded with command post exercise (CPX)
Table-top exercise (TTX)
Duration FX – 2,5 days (incl. one night – excluding travelling time)
TTX – 1,5 days
Start FX – 19 to 22 May 2015
TTX – 2 to 4 March 2015
Location FX - Mura river in Medjimuska county (from Mursko Sredisce to Podturen) – primary. Varazdin City – secondary.
TTX – Sveti Martin Hotel
Number of participants FX:
  • Intervention teams:
  • Croatia – 50
  • Austria - 30
  • Hungary - 30
  • Slovenia - 30

Team capabilities: Water rescue, CBRN and camp management.
Intervention team management and representatives of national authorities (Croatia, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia) responsibile for EWS and water management
Aim/Purpose Process of requesting international assistance and responding to such a request after a large scale floods in the border area between Croatia, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia via the Mechanism will be exercised with special attention to communication procedures with the ERCC and on HNS

Procedures (alert, mobilization, deployment, etc.) of the participating intervention teams verified and improved

Understanding of the EU CP Mechanism (incl. HNSG)

Operational and coordinative cooperation amongst the intervention teams enhanced

Provision and receipt of civil protection assistance via the EU CP Mechanism (incl. communication and coordination with ERCC) tested

Scenario Floods big enough to trigger a request for international assistance through the EU CP Mechanism
Methodology Planning
  • Core exercise planning team - representatives of the Consortium partners and Austria
  • develop a detailed plan for the design, preparation and conduct and evaluation of the exercises
  • planning meetings of core team
  • exercise instructions and DSEC to be developed
  • participating countries to identify learning objectives for intervention teams
  • participation of CP Headquarters of participating countries from the capital level
  • EUCPT with TAST to establish OSOCC
  • assessment skills, CBRN awareness, S&S awareness of participating teams can be further addressed
  • Exercise structure to include players – intervention teams, EXCON (ex. director, controllers, evaluators, S&S officers, trainers), observers, actors, admin and support personnel
  • Self-sufficiency should be exercised
  • A well designed, balanced and coordinated observer’s programme with clearly defined objectives will be offered during the exercises
DAY 0 (CPX) – 4 MayDAY 1 – 5 MayDAY 2 – 6 MayDAY 3 – 7 MayDefinition List
Request for international assistance /offers/ acceptance Arrival - afternoon RDC activities Assessment Meeting in OSOCC Rescue activities Night work Meeting in OSOCC Rescue activities Meeting in OSOCC Rescue activities Closing Evaluation WS Departure
  • Evaluation team (who will be especially trained and familiarized with the exercise objectives, the evaluation methodology and the expected outcomes) – training in April 2015 - Slovenia
  • Evaluation workshop organized immediately after the field exercises (fresh impressions and initial lessons - basis for the evaluation report)
  • Implementation of lessons learned
Events Field exercise (FX) preceded with command post exercise (CPX)
Table-top exercise (TTX)
Events Field exercise (FX) preceded with command post exercise (CPX)
Table-top exercise (TTX)



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