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Civil Defense in Austria 

Due to the security paradigm shift in Europe, and the civil defense picture has changed dramatically in recent years in practice. Interstate wars are excluded in Western Europe for the foreseeable future. Accordingly, the protection against the effects of military action in the context of civil defense has largely lost its importance.

 Civil defense is the generic term for a variety of measures to protect the population from natural and man-made hazards and for assistance in appropriate emergency situations.

 Civil defense is therefore to be understood as pluralistic disaster preparedness and emergency response system, which falls under the responsibility of the federal, state, counties, municipalities, emergency services and citizens.

Civil defense includes activities to disasters and crises of various kinds It includes

  • Measures of self-protection,
  • Measures of everyday security,
  • Measures to protect against natural disasters and technological accidents,
  • as well as provisions to protect against possible effects of international terrorism.

The objectives of civil defense are essentially at two levels:

  • Disaster relief assistance of federal states
  • National Crisis and Emergency Management (SKKM)

The MoI coordinated

Since May 2003, the Federal Ministry of the Interior is responsible for the coordination in matters of state disaster management, the State crisis management and international disaster relief.

This is the first time at the federal level, the responsibility for coordination at national or international event cases in one hand. This allows a better and faster response in crisis situations.


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